# This document will guide you through QReaderX features.

# Table of contents

  1. Top Section
  2. History
  3. Excluded Sites
  4. Safe Browsing
  5. QReaderX PopOver
  6. FAQ
  7. Contacts

# Top section

  • Toggle site button add/remove current site into Excluded Sites.
  • On/Off switch enables or disables the extension.
  • If the toggle button is greyed-out, it means that the site is protected by Browser.

# History

  • History of QR Codes decoded by the extension.
  • If the QR Code is a link, it enables the "Open in new window" icon and can be used to open the url in a new tab.
  • "Copy to clipboard" icon can be used to copy the QR Code content to clipboard.

# Excluded Sites

  • Clicking on Toggle button add site to Excluded Sites list.
  • These sites are excluded from the extension.

# Safe browsing

  • We can enable/disable Safe browsing using this tab.
  • An Input place to save Google's Safe Browsing API key.
  • # How to create an API key?

    • Follow the steps mentioned here (opens new window) to create an API key.
    • If possible, also add restrictions like ip address to prevent unauthorized access.

# QReaderX PopOver

The popover color denotes the risk of the data present in the QR Code.

  1. It shows green color for Non-URL data and for good URLs.

  1. It shows grey color when the data is an URL and Google Safe Browsing is not configured.

  1. It shows red color when the URL is unsafe according to Google's Safe Browsing.


# 1. Can the Extension work without Google Safe Browsing API key?

  • Extension will work but it won't provide warnings for unsafe URLs.

# 2. Why there isn't any PopOver for a QR Code?

  • The Extension doesn't show the PopOver when there is no content in the QR Code or it failed to read the content.

# 3. Why the extension doesn't work in incognito mode

  • Open chrome://extensions page, find QReaderX, click Allow in incognito.

# 4. What type of html elements do QReaderX scan?

  • As of now, the extension scans only "img" element. Maybe it will add support to scan for background-images, "canvas", "svg" in the future.

# Contacts

For any queries e-mail to qreaderxapp@gmail.com